prenuptial agreements

Prenuptual Agreements in Southern Illinois


Many marriages end in divorce. This means that it is wise to take steps to protect yourself and your assets in case your marriage should end. A prenuptial agreement is simply a contract that helps define what happens should your marriage dissolve. When you get married, you already have a prenuptial agreement in the sense that the government sets out your legal rights. When you have a lawyer write an agreement for you, you are simply taking greater control over what happens by setting out mutual understandings and expectations.

Pre-nuptial Agreements Are Not Only For Divorce

Prenuptial agreements are not only about the potential for divorce. These agreements also help with estate planning and asset protection as you and your spouse grow your lives together. For example, a prenuptial agreement can help make certain a family business stays within the family and does not have to be sold due to a death or divorce. Another area where prenuptial agreements commonly help involves children from a prior marriage. A pre-marital agreement can helps to spell out what assets children should receive, while making certain that your new spouse also receives the right inheritance.

If you are considering marriage, contact Rebecca about whether a prenuptial agreement is right for you. She will explain why a prenuptial agreement is often a good idea, regardless of your net worth.

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