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Rebecca L. Reinhardt, Esquire
Rebecca L. Reinhardt, Esquire

The Law Office of Rebecca L. Reinhardt, LLC, is a one-stop shop for your general and specific legal needs. With 17 years of experience representing clients in all facets of family law (dissolution, separation, child custody, grandparents’ rights, private adoptions, child support, maintenance, orders of protection, marital settlement agreements, and prenuptial agreements),

Rebecca understands the emotional toll and recognizes the devastating effects divorces can have on your family. Rebecca supports you throughout process, is compassionate and candid in explaining legal procedures, and is a strong advocate for your rights and seeking the best outcome for you.

Rebecca also represents clients in bankruptcy, estate planning and administration, estate litigation, and civil litigation.

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Serving Clients in Southern Illinois

Rebecca serves clients throughout Southern Illinois. This includes Jefferson, Franklin, Hamilton, Wayne, Edwards, White, Franklin, Washington, Perry, Clinton, Marion, Wabash, Williamson, and Jackson counties.