Adoption in Southern Illinois


Opening your heart and home to a new family member through adoption is a joyful experience. Rebecca thinks fondly of every family she has helped through the adoption process. She welcomes the opportunity to help you grow your family with a private adoption. There are a variety of types of adoptions in Illinois, including:

Related Adoptions

One of the adoptive parents is related by blood or marriage to the child. This type of adoption is especially common for stepparents when one of the biological parents is deceased or has decided to give up their rights. Grandparent, sibling, and other adoptions also fall under this area.

Agency Adoptions

There are various agencies in Illinois that place children with new families after the biological parents have given up or lost custody.

Unrelated Non-Agency Adoptions

There is no legal relationship between the child and the adopting parent(s) and no adoption agency is involved. The government is still involved, and home visits are still required.

Foreign Adoptions

Adopting a child from another country.

Adoptions are covered by the Illinois Adoption Act. This act controls when children may be adopted as well as the process for terminating birth parents’ rights and transferring those rights over to the adoptive parent(s). The act is complex, and the adoption process can be confusing.

If you are considering adoption, contact Rebecca and she will explain the process and help you make a child a permanent member of your loving family.

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